About Us

The Jenna Conway Educational Consultation and Tutoring Experience

Jenna Conway Educational Consultation and Tutoring  has been serving the students with unique learning needs since 2010. Founded by Jenna Conway, Jenna Conway Educational Consultation and Tutoring provides Tutoring services through special education tutors and IEP Consultation and Coaching.

Our Team

Jenna Conway

For the past 10 years, Jenna has dedicated her career to working in Special Education. During this time, she has developed a passion for supporting students with unique learning profiles both in school, by ensuring they have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that meets all their needs, and at home, by providing one-on-one academic support across a range of subjects.

In 2015, Jenna began offering tutoring services to students at home, covering various subjects. As her business grew, she became eager to expand her fun-loving tutoring approach to more students in the greater Boston area. As a result, Jenna is thrilled to have more team members on board.


Jenna obtained her special education degree from Wheelock College in Boston, MA, in 2012. While studying at the college, Jenna focused on education, mathematics, and science. After graduation, she started her teaching career at the COMPASS School in Dorchester. She then moved to the Learning Prep School in West Newton, where she started tutoring students part-time. It was during this period that Jenna discovered her passion for helping students in a one-on-one capacity.

Currently, Jenna teaches 2nd grade in Arlington, MA. She is highly committed to supporting students in discovering their passion for learning and finding joy in areas that are challenging for them. Jenna is passionate about helping students not only learn the content and material but also grow in their love for learning.

Emma Martin

Emma is the most recent addition to the Tutoring Jenna Team. As a special educator she has worked with a wide range of students across her career. Looking forward to working with students to not only grow their skills but increase their love of learning, Emma’s laidback style and love of fun makes her the perfect addition to the team.